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Woven tops would include woven fabric used for shirts and blouses and fiber of cotton, polyester, poly-cotton, silk, wool, crepe, and peach skin.


Dress pants typically would be something that would have some kind of a waistband product in it. We make various types from expandable waistbands with matching pocketing, zippers, hooks and eyes, button closures, all different kinds of pocket treatments, and pressed open seams. They could be fully wool pants, poly wool, cotton pants, and permanent press.


We make various types of outerwear from unlined garments through fully lined and fully tailored garments, full trench coats, men’s topcoats, women’s wool coats, and technical outwear that would be used for outdoor wear (hiking, biking, climbing, sailing).


We have the capability of doing both swimwear and athletic wear.

Tailored Garments

We make tailored garments from wool, poly wool, wool rayon, or wool nylon – from fabrics available any places in the world. We make those in the United States, Central America, and also the Dominican Republic


We do make flame retardant garments. That would be driven by the type of shell fabric, whether it’s a Nomex or Rex Tex fabric. It’s a flame retardant along with a flame retardant thread as well. We’ve made station wear which is what firemen wear when they’re at the station.

Slip-Resistant Shoes

Spending all day on your feet can be a daunting task if you are not wearing the right shoes to support your work schedule. Wearing the right shoes not only keeps you safe in potentially dangerous working environments, they also allow you to work all day and not be stopped by the pain that comes from wearing the wrong footwear.