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In the past few years demand for manufacturing in the USA has grown dramatically. We proudly manufacture in the United States of America as required according to the U.S. Government under the Berry Amendment. We do work for the U.S. Coast Guard and, the products must be made in the USA – including the fabric and all of the trim items from ‘the ground up.’

We also make in the USA for certain clients who may request it such as Amtrak or labor unions also require ‘Made in the USA.’ Sourcing here at home is good for our country by providing jobs, our environment as we reduce the carbon footprint and economically as shipping extra expenses from overseas are eliminated.

Recently sourcing at home has become a more compelling reason in that the prices of the labor and transportation costs have been rising in the Far East. With our trade laws where we have duty-free fabric or fabric made in this hemisphere being closer to the market, we’re able to take advantage of speed to market and also have a more competitive price and a quicker turn in the USA so that retailers or uniform companies that need fulfillment can get a quicker refill on their products and get the right products at the right time, thus reducing their inventory costs.


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