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Product Development

Product development is a vital component to sourcing that includes starting from anything including looking at a garment, a photo of a garment, reading a specification or reviewing a tech pack.

Pattern Making, Grading and Marking

We customize the patterns for the factory whether it is seam allowance, notches, or whatever it needs to be so that the garment will come out properly. We have the ability to customize that to each factory. This approach assists in quality and throughput time from the factory resulting in a garment that meets the specifications. How we get there may be delegated is to us from the client.


Samples are a necessary part of the business for a various reasons. Sample submission would demonstrate that we have the competency to construct the garment according to the tailoring that’s necessary. It shows that all the machinery is present and working properly for what may be needed all the way through to the buttonholes and pressing.

Fabric Sourcing

Fabric sourcing is a global exercise involving the whole world of different types of fabrics from synthetics through natural fabrics to organic fabrics. We work with suppliers who may be jobbers for small orders, or we work directly with the mills on shore in the United States, Canada, Mexico or Latin America, or with foreign mills in the Far East in India. We’ve purchased from all of those countries.

Cut Make and Trim

If our client is capable and desirous of providing the material then that is acceptable to us. We will supply the cut, make, and trim and make the markers based on the proven patterns and grading. We’re agreeable to enter that type of partner arrangement where the client supplies the fabric and we provide the rest of the manufacturing components

Full Package

Full package is a term in the industry used to denote that the vendor is supplying the fabric in addition to patterns, cutting, sewing, and trim. This approach is usually selected by a client selling the end product but does not have the capability or desire to be involved in fabric sourcing. We will do full package to conform to the client’s product specifications.

Information Tracking

One of the most important documents in manufacturing is the production schedule which would show the progress of a purchase order is in the system from receipt to delivery. On the production schedules issued to clients weekly, we report when we have fabric and trim on hand, the cutting status of the fabric, and expected exit factory date and in warehouse receipt date.


Sourcing would include fabric and trim items, as well as manufacturing sourcing. For production sourcing Greco Apparel utilizes a pre-determined group of factories in each product category with whom we have years of experience and know that they can supply us with reliable quality garments that are delivered on time.


Logistics encompasses management of the supply chain. This is an area we deal with every day from monitoring that the fabric gets shipped for on time arrival in the factory. We also track that we have necessary markers available and that trim and accessories are ordered for on time delivery.


Fabric generally refers to shell goods – the material of which the garments are made. We do sourcing of the material. It can come from anywhere in the world. One needs to be conscious of the trade laws to determine which fabric is coming from where.