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How Has Apparel Manufacturing Changed in 60 years?

Joe Greco, MSOD who is President of Greco Apparel has been manufacturing apparel for just about his entire life.

Our clients sometimes ask how apparel manufacturing has changes in last 60 years so we wanted to record a short video to explain what has happened from our perspective with so many years experience being in this business.

in 1973 when Joe Greco started in clothing manufacturing business, about 95% of apparel that was sold in United States, was manufactured in United States. There were about 23,000 clothing manufacturing employees in Philadelphia alone, Philadelphia was also the center for men’s suits.

China became popular over the years as companies began importing work from other countries. As apparel became easier to source overseas, companies in United States began to lose the competences associated with apparel manufacturing such as product development or sourcing fabric.

Sewing operators are entry level jobs, which is how Joe’s grandparents got started in 1907, as they just needed sewing machine.Clothing industry is also a great way way to get economy started.

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