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Is clothing still Manufactured in USA?

Joe Greco, MSOD who is President of Greco Apparel which manufactures clothing around the world takes a few moments to explain why clothes do still get manufactured in the United States.

Our clients often wonder about the reality of clothes manufactured in USA so we wanted to record a short video to dispel the myth of all clothes being produced abroad.

There has been a tremendous shift since 1973 when Joe Greco first started in apparel business, where 95% of clothes sold in USA were manufactured in America. In 2014, only 3-5% of clothes sold in USA are actually manufactured in USA, so the ratios have switched over the last 40 years.

Most larger factories in USA are for military uniforms that are mandated to be manufactured in USA. Some smaller factories spread throughout the United States mostly owned and operated by immigrants bringing their sewing skills and knowledge of apparel business to this country are used to do smaller unit runs for smaller clients.

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