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What Did You Learn From Your Graduate Degree at Penn?

Joe Greco, MSOD who is President of Greco Apparel is constantly learning and developing which led him to earn his Master of Science in Organizational Dynamics from University of Pennsylvania.

Our clients often wonder why we continue to learn and grow ourselves after being in the apparel business for generations so we wanted to record a short video to explain our belief in constant improvement to bring more value to our clients.

Master of Science in Organizational Dynamics from University of Pennsylvania enabled Joe to learn more about how his clients operated. Developed new insights in working with Greco Apparel’s clients that are large organizations to develop plan how Greco Apparel can perform at high level in changing market.

Business change rapidly today, changes all the time. MSOD helps develop people and communications through gaining a wider perspective. Actually, MSOD trains people to be consultants, Joe acted as consultant for own company to grow Greco Apparel and deliver more value to clients.

Blog articles link: http://www.grecoapparel.com/blog/

Joe also has written over 70 articles in the last 12 years which can be seen on Made to Measure as well as Uniform Market, which are top apparel industry publications. These articles are on topics such as management, business principles, as well as reviewing new literature to gain new perspective in being more effective business leaders as Joe is a very avid reader himself.

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