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What Industry Changes have affected the Greco Apparel Business Model?

In the earlier days of apparel manufacturing, traditional manufactures would store their own raw materials, have a factory on location to cut and sew garments. This historical model for our now clients would include a show room on site or in New York, and production department would be down the hall from sales department.

Functions such as purchasing fabric, purchasing raw materials and design were typically housed under one roof. When companies started to source overseas, production departments also moved overseas, there was still a need to ensure manufacturing got done, but not all in central office.

Greco Apparel focused on bringing manufacturing closer to home by producing garments in USA as well as Western hemisphere, to accomplish high quality garments with shorter turn around times.

Our clients sometimes ask about the the Greco Apparel business model and why we focus on certain areas to consistently deliver value to our clients so we wanted to record a short video to explain the evolution of our business model to being the ‘manufacturing department down the hall’ in the past when companies staffed their own manufacturing department in house.

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