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What is Cut, Make and Trim?

Our clients will ask us if we offer cut, make and trim prices so we wanted to record a short video to explain the difference between “cut, make and trim” as opposed to “full package.”

In the apparel industry, “make” is used interchangeably as sew.” Cut, Make and Trim refers to the three core components of manufacturing apparel.

1) Cut garments according to patterns

2) Make/Sew garments in factory production line

3) Trim are the pieces that get sewed together to make the garment along with the fabric.

When quoting the price of garments and agreeing how client and manufacturer will do business together, it is important to establish who is supplying which items. There may be cases where manufacturer buys trim on behalf of client.

Some items the client may wish to supply for Intellectual Property rights such as a logo button.

Call us at 215-628-2557 if you have questions about cut, make and trim pricing.

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