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What is Pattern Making?

Our clients often ask us about if Greco Apparel does pattern making for clients so we wanted to record a short video to explain why we offer pattern making for clients.

Creating a pattern is the process of crafting shape of the garment in pieces. Almost like putting a puzzle together when pieces are dumped out of box. Pattern is cut, then sew pieces together in the factory.

Most of this work is done on hard paper, then used to cut fabric out, all the parts of the garment in there to make complete garment. This drives style and sizes for each article of clothing to ensure all parts of garment are fitting together. Art meets science, when the clothing designers vision coming to reality when clothing is manufactured.

For optimal pattern making it is crucial to minimize waist of fabric and maximize yield. This happens by measuring cuttable width of fabric, then make marker that contains all pattern pieces. Also need to understand the type of garment, so parts of garment close together as possible to avoid shading issues throughout the garment.

Greco Apparel uses digital markers, then markers are checked against fabric width when fabric rolls arrive from mill. This will enable our clients to maximize utilization by checking marker against usable fabric length on a fabric roll.

Call us at 215-628-2557 if you have questions about pattern making.

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