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What Is Vendor Selection Process?

Our clients sometimes ask about our process that we go through before ever starting to work with a factory so we wanted to record a short video to explain the system for selecting factories.

The apparel business cane be compared to building industry where there is a prime or general contractor who is builder. The builder is responsible for such things as architect, plumber, electrician…. The prime contractor must deliver with all sub contractors used. This is same as apparel companies not not making their own fabric or raw materials.

Greco Apparel operates as a virtual corporation, where our responsibility is to select and coordinate for clients specifications. Transparency at every level is critical, clients are welcome to visit factories at any time.

Larger clients perform audits unannounced, which include safety compliance, and social audits. Our relationships with our factories have developed over many years.

Call us at 215-628-2557 if you have questions about apparel manufacturing.

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