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Discuss some details of the police and military uniforms you manufacture

Our clients often ask us about if Greco Apparel manufactures uniforms for security industry so we wanted to record a short video to explain the types of scrubs we make for the security industry such as police uniforms, security guard uniforms and police uniforms.

Things to keep in mind when making security guard shirts are that you want shirt to look like crisp uniform. This can be accomplished with stitch pleats so shirts look freshly pressed. Typically, high content of polyester so shirt is easy to wash. May be stain release treatment on there so can be cleaned without much problem. Security guards must look acceptable at all times.

Color is another item to be conscious about while manufacturing security guard uniforms. More specifically, color consistently as all blue shirts need to be same type of blue, which is measured according to color standards not just naked eye.

The cliche is for uniforms to look uniform. Blue shirts all look same color blue according to color standards, so we use digital photography equipment. This allows us to deliver on what is expected by client and monitored on ongoing basis.

Shirts for security guards are very similar to shirts manufactured for correction facilities. We have had the honor of manufacturing uniforms for states of Georgia, Louisiana, Missouri, New Jersey, Pennsylvania as well as cities of Cincinnati and Los Angeles. LA police departments use wool products which are comfortable even in heat.

Tradition, performance, looking good as well as cost are all factors typically when making police uniforms. There is not one standard product, police will have variety of different uniforms from SWAT team to people working at desk. Officers and patrol people will also have different uniforms. This depends on the style that organization is adopting, which can change over time.

Call us at 215-628-2557 if you have questions about manufacturing security industry uniforms.

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