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What Are The Features of the Scrub suits you make?

Our clients often ask us about if Greco Apparel manufactures scrubs for the medical industry so we wanted to record a short video to explain the types of scrubs we make for the medical industry such as doctors, nurses and lab technicians.

Fit and design are important. There is more stretch material being used today to give comfort to doctor or nurse as they perform their jobs. The downside of having fabric with more stretch, is that the garments are less likely to hold up to higher temperature washings.

Typically hospitals will wash scrubs and lab coats at 150 degrees temperature compared with about 100 degrees washing temperature for normal clothes washed at home.

There are also more details on scrubs lab coats today with the inclusion of technology in the medical practice. This means both lab coats and scrubs will sometimes have places to hold cell phones and ipads.

Call us at 215-628-2557 if you have questions about manufacturing scrubs.

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