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What Types of Bottoms Do You Manufacture?

Our clients will ask us what types of bottoms does Greco Apparel manufacture so we wanted to record a short video to explain our capabilities manufacturing a variety of bottoms including jeans, khaki pants, skirts, shorts, and trouser pants.

Bottoms include pants, women’s skirts, shorts, woven-wool, poly wool, and cargo shorts.

BDU, which Battle Dress Uniform, and ACU- Army Combat Uniform are types of bottoms we make for our military clients. These are cargo pants with velcro for military as well as our state police clients.

Greco Apparel also makes shorts for the golf industry. The popularity os stretch material has led us to manufacture equestrian pants and yoga wear with stretch fabric.

Jeans are produced by Greco Apparel for fashion as well as career apparel clients. Jeans such as painter pants, can be made from twill cotton fabric. The washing and finishing of jeans is what differentiates various jeans aside from the weight of denim itself. Distressing jeans with chemicals and physical items include grinding machines and dremels to give a variety of finishing options.

The Old Levi 501 went with the motto “shrink to fit”, which is quite different from uniform industry where companies do not want staff to customize, but rather have all staff look the same for branding reasons.

Call us at 215-628-2557 if you have questions about manufacturing bottoms.

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