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What Types of Suits Do You Manufacture?

Our clients will ask us what types of suiting does Greco Apparel manufacture so we wanted to record a short video to explain our experience manufacturing a variety of suits, tuxedos and blazers for clients.

Greco Apparel has produced suiting for both men and women over the years. In addition to coats which can be made of wool, poly wool, and rayon. The end market is retail as well as for uniform and image apparel companies. An example client is Amtrak, which has a special design with 17 pockets for conductors.

The design of the apparel comes down to the the function of the garment, is the apparel for fashion or practical reasons? Rental tuxedos are a great example where we have used an adjustable size waist, sometimes referred to as “Buffet Pant.” This pant has a strip of elastic inside pant, so if someone eats too much at buffet, can stretch few more inches, and still fit in pant. This also gives some flexibility if a person’s size changes over time.

Greco Apparel produces garments for both female and male users. There is a little different construction depending if it is for male or female. This includes shorts, skirts, jumpers, maternity dresses, and kulot (which is commonly used in female athletics to have shorts underneath skirt like for tennis.

Call us at 215-628-2557 if you have questions about manufacturing suits.

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