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Why Do You Enjoy Working With Early Entrepreneurs?

Joe Greco, MSOD who is President of Greco Apparel finds great pleasure in helping entrepreneurs grow their apparel business.

Our clients often wonder if we provide consulting for start up apparel companies so we wanted to record a short video to explain our passion for helping launch successful apparel companies.

Although we work with both small and large companies, we at Greco Apparel, Inc. get tremendous pleasure from taking “concept to cash.” When somebody calls our office at 215-628-2557, no matter if the apparel idea is prison guard uniforms, or new idea for a shirt, the creation process begins.

There is typically a 6-12 month gestation period, by the time the idea is flushed out with samples, prototypes, and more until manufacturing begins.

Joe Greco has a joy much like an artist creating piece of art, there is a lot behind each unit. When see process happen and client satisfied, by managing process to fruition, that is why we get up each day and work so hard for our clients.

Helping make somebody’s dreams a reality is a really cool part of our business.

Call us at 215-628-2557 if you have questions about apparel business consulting.

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